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Scott Avidon Corten planter

I’ve always been a designer and a creator.

I thrive when I combine the physical, intellectual and emotional aspects of my being.

My business enables me to do just that on a regular basis, and i’m very grateful.

My team and I are artists, designers and fabricators working towards a single goal:  To deliver beautiful work of the highest quality to our clients.

I look forward to speaking with you and learning how we can help you.


 What Makes Us Different

Our clients hire us to design, fabricate and deliver metal furniture, laser cut panels, planters and mailboxes and glass and metal sculpture of the highest caliber.

We fabricate in Florida, Nevada, California and on-site for larger projects.

We combine cutting-edge fabrication technology with handcrafting to create functional beauty for our clients.

Everything we create is backed by a Lifetime Structural Warranty. 

We are professional artists and industrial designers as well as fabricators.  We invest ourselves into every project we work on.  We love what we do and derive great joy from working with like-minded, discerning, passionate clients.

Many of our products qualify for LEED credits in up to 4 categories.

Give us a chance to deliver on your next project and we will.