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Are you searching for custom Corten planters for your home or commercial project? Are you a home owner, landscape designer or garden designer who is frustrated because you can’t find the custom Corten planter you need? Well you’ve found the right place.  Corten steel is also known as weathering steel and these terms are used to describe the same material.

At Scott Avidon Design, I make buying Custom Corten planters simple and stress free. I look forward to helping you design, create and deliver the large Corten planters and raised planter beds you need.

I understand how frustrating it can be and I’m here to help make it easy for you to design and   Purchase the large Corten planters your project requires.

My clients contact me to design custom Corten planters for them from all over the country.  I design and fabricate my planters in Florida, Utah and California depending on where my clients project is based.

You’ve probably done searches for custom Corten planters only to become stressed out because you really can’t find anyone who you can speak with to get what you need.

I produce custom designs in my shop and I speak with every client of mine directly, managing their projects from start to finish.

Why you should use only Corten / weathering steel for any outdoor steel planters

Corten steel is an amazing material as you most likely know. It quickly oxidizes when it comes in contact with water or moisture and develops a rich and beautiful rust patina only on its exterior surface. Once this patina has developed it acts as a moisture barrier and stops any further rusting. What this means for your project is that the Corten planters I produce for you will last for decades and won’t rust through. Other companies use regular hot rolled steel for their planters which will rust all the way through in a matter of a few years….do yourself a favor and do not purchase outdoor planters made from hot or cooled rolled steel.  Only specify Corten or weathering steel for any outdoor planters your order for your projects. 

Large Corten planters with a lifetime structural warranty

 When we work together I give you a lifetime structural warranty on all of the planters I produce.  No other planter company offers that. I stand behind everything I make for the life of the product.

Key things to consider when buying Corten planters.

Gauge of material 

the gauge is the wall thickness of the Corten steel.  I only use heavy 14 or 11 gauge Corten or weathering steel for all of the planters and raised planter beds I create.  Other companies use thinner gauge material such as 16 or 18 gauge.  Be aware of thin gauge material because it has a much greater chance of bowing or bending when filled with soil and plantings and rain water.  Overall, the thinner gauge material is less structurally sound.  My weathering steel planters use only 14 or 11 gauge material and have incredible structural strength.

Top and bottom bent lips

When Steel is bent it become much stronger.  My planters have too and bottom lips that are bent on a powerful machine called a press brake. This brake bends the entire edge of the weathering steel at a precise location along its length creating an exponentially stronger piece of steel.  Always make sure that your planters are fabricated with these bent top and bottom lips / edges or at least a bent bottom edge if you prefer a straight sided planter. 

Welded Corten Planters

If you want your Corten planters fabricated and welded and delivered to you in their assembled state please ensure that they are built using strong, consistent, stitch welds along all of their joined edges.  You do not need the entire edges of your Corten planters welded and in fact it is preferable to have strong stitch welds placed every few inches along the lengths of all joined sides.  This ensures that your weathering steel planter will not warp or bend during the welding process. Welding adds such I tense heat to the metal that if you were to have continuous welds all along he joined edges there is a very good chance that it will cause the planter to warp and bend. You do t want this to happen.  Stitch  welds are incredibly strong and form a super tight joined edge so you won’t ever have to worry about any soil leaking out of your beautiful planter.

 Contact me for your free Corten planter quote 

When you are ready to move forward with your next project that requires Corten or weathering steel give me a call at 561.451.7498 to quickly and efficiently get the Corten planters you need built to your specifications, on budget, on time and with a lifetime structural warranty.

Let Scott Avidon Design become your primary source for the highest quality Corten planters for your projects.  I guarantee you will be satisfied and feel much less stress!